Stage 1There are several crucial aspects when working with our clients and perhaps the most important stage is the one where we just sit down and talk. We want to find out all we can about your business, your objectives and your target audience. With a users ability to leave your site at the touch of a mouse button we need to ensure the experience they receive when arriving at your site keeps them interested enough to stay and information is the key to doing this.No need to shout - just pick up the phone and talk to us
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Stage 2Once we have enough information to work with we will go away and build your website. We consider content and design as one and create the most intuitive and easy to use navigation to go along with it. We will then utilise the technologies available on the web to deliver the information in the best way possible. We will keep you informed of progress along the way at set points so we can continue to make improvements to your site before launch date.Don't to look too far, examples of our work are a click away
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Stage 3Once your website is launched we would like to continue to work together. The initial launch period and the first 6 months after launch are vital to the success of your site. Information will be flowing in from analytics packed with vital information on performance and new opportunities you can explore. The marketing of your site should also be in full swing, from beautiful email campaigns, pay per click (PPC) to social networking if applicable.Celebrate your future success
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